Vincent’s Thank You Message (Birthday 2014)

Post date: November 21, 2014

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in Vincent’s group birthday gift!  Here’s a photo of Vincent with his new Nikon DSLR camera that you ALL helped to get for him!  It was so much fun working together with you all — conspiring (I mean planning!) this gift.  Really appreciated everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm!  Please scroll down past the photo to read Vincent’s thank you message to everyone. I also want to personally thank you, not only for participating in the gift project, but for always supporting Vincent!!!  Hugs to you all, ~Rachel

Vincent's Birthday 2014

My dear, dear, DEAR FOVI and wonderful supporting friends,

I want to thank each and every one of you for the amazing gift you surprised me with this past birthday. I can’t even describe how stunned I was to receive such a thoughtful gift such as the camera you each contributed towards!

I’ve also read all of your sweet birthday messages you’ve sent me through Rachel, and I was truly moved by the loving support and generous outpouring of kindness you each shared. And Janet’s card was perfect, as it always is! (Thank you, once again, sweet Janet, for sharing your wonderful talent and gift with me!)

Many of you I’ve known throughout the long years, some longer than others. There are also a number of you I’ve come to meet personally, whether at past FOVI events, my cabaret events or at many personal appearances throughout the years. I can honestly say that I’m humbled by the support you continue to show towards me, especially since I haven’t been a consistent presence on any show these past few years, as you were accustomed to seeing me on in the past. Especially given that fact, your collective generosity is something I couldn’t possibly take for granted.

I also want to thank Rachel for being such a dear friend, an invaluable support system for me these past few years in so many ways, in rallying all of you together to share your kindness with me on my birthday. You all helped to make it very special, indeed. Believe me, I plan on putting the camera to very good use and am excited to do so. And when I do, I’m looking forward to sharing what was made possible by you all, with you all…

Thank you my dear friends!!! A big, grateful, group hug with you all from LA!


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