Vincent’s Tribute to Joan Rivers

Post date: September 7, 2014

Today, a very special talent is being laid to rest in NYC. Joan Rivers has been with us in popular culture for, honestly, as long as I can remember. I would watch her with my parents as a young boy on Johnny Carson all those years ago, and yet, she was still going as strong as ever right up until the end. Even though she was 81 when her life came to an end, it still feels as if she was taken from us too prematurely in that she clearly had so much vitality left in her, her razor sharp wit as entertaining as always… Please enjoy the clip I’ve uploaded in her honor. It was shot years ago when she joined us for a day on AMC, in a scene with me and Susan Lucci. I had the pleasure of meeting her twice professionally, on that day, and years earlier when I was a guest on her talk show while promoting Jackie Collins’ mini series, “Lucky Chances,” (she mispronounced my name while introducing me onto the show…something I’ve been laughing about in recollection with many others ever since : ) Regardless of how many times I’ve met her, she was a woman who was larger than life, one who always had the gift of leaving a lasting impression… May she rest in peace at Edgar’s side…

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